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(edit) @22608b   9 years yarrick give error when no TAP adapters found, and clean better
(edit) @c69ea1   9 years yarrick include zlib1.dll in dist
(edit) @7778df   9 years yarrick Rename binaries to .exe
(edit) @9d83ee   9 years yarrick Add mingw dist target
(edit) @430fc3   9 years yarrick Make crosscompiling easier
(edit) @f265e4   10 years yarrick Missed one $(MAKE)
(edit) @c22752   10 years yarrick Use
(edit) @a4684f   11 years yarrick add note in test target
(edit) @d978ed   11 years yarrick uninstall in destdir
(edit) @9b7863   11 years yarrick fix sbin dir, add permissions
(edit) @502205   11 years yarrick hopefully more packaging-friendly makefile
(edit) @3015cc   11 years flex #9 fixes compabilityproblems with gnu install
(edit) @16379e   11 years flex should work on linux now, creates directories if needed...closes #9
(edit) @ac5d65   11 years flex install and uninstall in makefile
(edit) @5733c6   11 years yarrick Make test target more quiet
(edit) @59b85a   11 years yarrick State arch
(edit) @13550e   11 years flex tests depend on the check unit test library, and should therefor not be …
(edit) @93085e   11 years flex added test taget to run tests from src root
(edit) @8b8190   11 years yarrick Fixed tests
(edit) @7f7ed5   11 years flex hosthost
(edit) @1f740d   11 years flex moving files to src and tests, tests disabled
(edit) @56ecdd   12 years yarrick More cleaning
(edit) @91bca7   12 years yarrick Always do tests
(edit) @91b60b   12 years yarrick Added test cases
(edit) @b14b23   12 years yarrick Move encoding to its own file
(edit) @ab2584   12 years flex beginning of combining dns and dnsd
(edit) @1e9df5   12 years flex More name changing
(edit) @eba701   12 years flex correct naming
(edit) @b6d2d3   12 years yarrick Move readname() and READ macros out of dns[d].c
(edit) @f9a2f0   12 years flex zlib
(edit) @f701f3   12 years flex there and back again, a hobbits tail
(edit) @d4ecde   12 years flex echo bra i cc
(edit) @0de8e7   12 years flex sweet stuff
(edit) @33f8a0   12 years yarrick Added dns.[ch], for udp messaging
(edit) @8c7a93   12 years flex funny stuff
(edit) @efe4b9   12 years flex fancy pancy
(edit) @323df0   12 years flex os definen
(add) @c5e6cf   12 years flex initial commit
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