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#48 TAP support new enhancement major 01/29/09
#49 Attach to stdin/stdout on each end rather than a network interface. new 0.5.0 "iPassed" enhancement major 03/20/18
#63 option to add/remove static route to nameserver used new 0.5.2 "WifiFree" enhancement major 01/14/11
#71 Connect to a bind server on an ip other than new 0.5.2 "WifiFree" enhancement normal 07/28/09
#80 iphone/ipod touch port new enhancement normal 09/18/09
#100 switch over to new DNS server new 0.5.2 "WifiFree" enhancement normal 01/14/11
#103 Detecting public server IP uses internal server address instead of SOA new 0.5.2 "WifiFree" enhancement normal 02/05/12
#104 Make inactivity interval configurable new 0.5.2 "WifiFree" enhancement normal 02/23/11
#107 IPv6 support assigned 0.5.2 "WifiFree" enhancement normal yarrick 06/28/15
#111 -n option should allow hostname, so iodined can resolve external ip at every request. reopened 0.5.2 "WifiFree" enhancement normal 06/04/14
#117 Iodine doesn't forward DNS-queries for names <11chars new defect normal 12/06/12
#118 Add support for PAM authentication new 0.5.2 "WifiFree" enhancement normal 06/09/14
#119 Please split man pages for client and server new enhancement normal 07/27/14
#122 systemd and selinux support should be togglable new 0.7.0 "Kryoptonite" defect normal 04/04/15
#123 Master recently fails to build on Arch - libsystemd-daemon related new 0.7.0 "Kryoptonite" defect normal 04/25/16
#124 Iodine Segmentation fault: 11 on OSX Sierra new 0.7.0 "Kryoptonite" defect normal 01/22/18
#125 Error opening registry key / no TAP adapters found on (64-bit) Windows new 0.7.0 "Kryoptonite" defect normal 07/17/17
#42 Include a compress/uncompress flag in iodine protocol new 0.5.0 "iPassed" enhancement minor 01/24/09
#56 Support multiple nameservers new 0.5.1 "Boringo" enhancement minor 01/16/17
#61 Makes iodine to configure routing table new 0.5.1 "Boringo" enhancement minor 04/21/09
#64 win32: Set MTU not implemented new 0.5.1 "Boringo" defect minor 08/07/09
#72 running iodined as windows service new 0.5.2 "WifiFree" enhancement minor 03/24/10
#121 0.7.0 fails to build on on Debian kfreebsd-* closed fixed defect normal 01/23/15
#2 Port iodine to solaris closed wontfix 0.3.4 enhancement minor 06/11/14
#85 Add option to probe max fragsize using TXT requests as well as NULL closed wontfix 0.5.2 "WifiFree" enhancement normal 06/09/14
#97 Support unknown RR types closed fixed 0.5.2 "WifiFree" enhancement normal 06/09/14
#99 should not allow UDP socket to be inherited by ifconfig closed fixed 0.5.2 "WifiFree" defect normal 06/05/14
#106 Add systemd socket activation closed fixed 0.5.2 "WifiFree" enhancement normal yarrick 01/29/14
#66 iodine detects wrong IP of remote server on win32 closed fixed 0.5.2 "WifiFree" defect normal 09/03/12
#109 merge base for patches? closed fixed defect normal 09/03/12
#112 man/iodine.8: add note about sharing port/dnsport closed fixed 0.5.2 "WifiFree" enhancement minor 09/03/12
#98 Fix uninitialized inside_topdomain variable closed duplicate 0.5.2 "WifiFree" defect normal 04/11/12
#110 Change fprintf(stderr, ...) to something change-able closed invalid enhancement normal 03/13/12
#68 Allow lastest iodined versions to emulate old version's protocol closed wontfix 0.5.2 "WifiFree" enhancement minor 02/05/12
#90 disable RAW probing on windows platform by default closed invalid 0.5.2 "WifiFree" defect normal 11/25/10
#92 'Element not found' / 'Failed to set IP and MTU' on Win7 x64 closed invalid 0.5.2 "WifiFree" defect normal 07/21/10
#73 add simple socks proxy to iodined closed worksforme 0.5.2 "WifiFree" enhancement minor 03/06/10
#84 iodine should print selected protocol in log closed fixed 0.5.2 "WifiFree" defect normal 12/29/09
#81 Lot of error messages on both client and server side closed fixed 0.5.2 "WifiFree" defect normal 12/29/09
#55 Receive ICMP fragmentation needed msgs to speed up probe closed wontfix 0.5.0 "iPassed" enhancement minor 09/21/09
#30 Fall back to a type like CNAME when NULL fails closed duplicate 0.4.0 "Run Home" enhancement major 09/20/09
#67 allow iodine to tunnell through other protocols closed wontfix enhancement minor 08/21/09
#69 build tun.c as standalone library closed wontfix enhancement minor 08/15/09
#12 Port iodine to windows/cygwin closed wontfix 0.4.0 "Run Home" enhancement minor 01/24/09
#38 Set up automatic builds on more machines closed fixed task major yarrick 01/08/09
#34 Hold back response until data is available closed wontfix 0.4.1 "Tea Online" enhancement minor yarrick 01/04/09
#15 Queue packets from server to clients closed wontfix 0.4.0 "Run Home" enhancement minor 09/14/08
#19 iodined doesn't accept clients if not directly connected closed invalid 0.4.0 "Run Home" enhancement minor 09/14/08
#29 iodine: no query or answer in answer read: Success closed wontfix 0.4.0 "Run Home" defect minor 12/01/07
#20 Handshake problems closed invalid defect major 07/03/07
#18 Update documentation (was: iodine doesn't work with Vodafone WebSessions (3G) in Germany) closed fixed 0.4.0 "Run Home" task minor yarrick 05/30/07
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