20:41 Ticket #97 (Support unknown RR types) created by yarrick
Support the option of handling the tunnel encoding as an unknown RR as …
20:33 Changeset [66d942] by Erik Ekman <yarrick@…>
masterAdd check for SO_RTABLE support in openbsd, #95
19:10 Ticket #96 (Allocate user array dynamically) created by yarrick
From Samuel Thibault: Is there a reason for making the 'users' array a …
19:08 Ticket #95 (OpenBSD routing domains support) closed by yarrick
fixed: Thanks! Fixed in [978]
19:07 Changeset [d4849a] by Laurent Ghigonis <laurent@…>
masterAdd support for openbsd routing domain, #95
18:49 Ticket #93 (Client: interactively entering password with spaces not working) closed by yarrick
fixed: Thanks! Applied in [977].
18:48 Changeset [9c3343] by Håkan Kvist <hagar@…>
masterAllow spaces in passwords, #93
18:40 Ticket #94 (DNS forwarding bug due to uninitialized variable in tunel_dns function) closed by yarrick
fixed: Fixed in [976].
18:40 Changeset [0a968a] by Erik Ekman <yarrick@…>
masterInitialize 'inside_topdomain'. Fixes #94
18:21 Ticket #90 (disable RAW probing on windows platform by default) closed by yarrick


10:59 Ticket #95 (OpenBSD routing domains support) created by guest
Here is a small patch to add OpenBSD routing domains support to iodine …
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